• Mini Flamethrower Torch

This multi-purpose, refillable butane torch is very useful and works great for lighting our Smokin’ Wedgie pellet tray.  With a built-in kickstand, you can light the torch and set it against the pellet tray to operate it hands-free.  This torch is also useful for heat shrink, soldering, lighting cigars, and much more!

  • Quickly light Smokin’ Wedgie and other pellet trays
  • Easy to light and stays burning when lit
  • Built-in kickstand for hands free use
  • Switch between lighter flame or adjustable jet flame
  • Refillable and multi-purpose

NOTE: Butane is not included. We recommend high quality butane fuel intended for torches and lighters.

Mini Flamethrower Torch

  • Product Code: ACC-TORCH
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  • $16.95