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Our Elias pool table has that comfortable, old-school billiard hall look, but modernized with broad square legs support a handsome, beveled apron and is shown in Shadow Grey finish. Additionally, the Elias Poplar includes an integrated storage drawer. Invite Elias to your family game night!

Materials & Finish:

  • Poplar wood construction
  • 100% solid wood cabinet with all wood interior frame
  • Shadow grey finish

Double Main Beams:

  • Beams are 4" x 2" interlocking solid pieces of wood, extending the length of the table.
  • Provides 66% more frame to slate support compared to the industry standard table.
  • Unitizes the frame and gives it incredible support that will not fatigue or fail over time.

One Piece Leg:

  • Strongest foundation possible.
  • Extends from the floor to the slate.
  • Allows the heavy weight of the slate to be evenly distributed to the floor.
  • Legs are attached to the cabinet by using heavy lag bolts and wood dowels.

Rails, Cushion & Play Surface:

  • 6.5" professional all wood top rails
  • K66 natural tournament cushions
  • Impressively responsive and accurate play
  • 100% Accurate Rebound
  • Enclosed wood corners with genuine Leather drop-pockets
  • 1" K-Patterned framed slate

Product Dimensions:

Length 102"
Height 32"
Width 58"

Plank & Hide Elias Pool Table

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  • $6,499.00