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All-Season Swim Spas in Calgary

Are you looking for a better way to bathe outdoors? Look no further than Paradise Bay’s all-season swim spa! This innovative product allows you to enjoy the benefits of swimming and bathing outdoors all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Get a swim spa for your Calgary home and find out how it’s the best of both worlds between swimming lanes and hot tubs. We’ve got the right model for you and parts to extend their life, just like our hot tub parts. Enjoy the highest quality swim spas, made for the weather in Calgary and the rest of Canada, for a life of fitness and relaxation.

Are Swim Spas Right for You?

If you’re looking to make constant access to a pool you can use for fitness, swim spas are an exciting trend to jump on. Lose weight, tone up your body, and improve your cardiovascular health at home with low-impact exercise. Swim in luxury in your own backyard!

Mimic Swimming Lengths at a Pool

Swim against a counter-current in your swim spa for the right cardio workout for you, and get all the benefits of lane swimming without leaving your backyard.

Eliminate the Need for a Pool and Hot Tub Combo

You'll save by avoiding a pool and hot tub combo with the right swim spa. With a swim spa doing the work, you'll have ample luxury and relaxation.

Ditch Gym & Aquatic Centre Schedules

Swim spa prices are investments that let you cancel your gym and aquatic centre memberships with a solid replacement.

Swim Right Outside Your Door

Swim right outside your door and get a great cardio workout anytime. You'll be able to enjoy the privacy of your own backyard pool. Swim whenever you want.

Control Temperatures for All Seasons

From scorching summers to windy winters, you can be in control of the temperature all year round!

Swim Spas Use By Season

In summer, you can enjoy colder nights with hot temperature settings and turn it down in the morning for cooling off or working up a sweat with the swim settings. In the fall, you can enjoy warm bathing whether you're exercising or not. Meanwhile, you can put a swim spa through its paces with high heat settings for winter and spring. Swim spas are built for your body temperature, no matter what it's like outside.

Swim Spas Made for Calgary Weather

Arctic Spas are not only great for your conventional hot tub experience. Visit Paradise Bay for help deciding on premier Arctic Spa swim spas specially built for the harsh winters here in Calgary. Made for spacious yards or patios, your family can enjoy the variable temperature settings for all-season pool use. Enjoy safe use, and bring in all the same hot tub accessories you want, with key bonus features that make fitness possible with your best backyard feature. Use your swim spa daily for swimming lengths, entertaining friends and family, and enjoying hot tub life. Shop all our swim spas at Paradise Bay in person or online!

The Latest Trends in Swim Spas

The good news is that swim spa trends from 2021 have indicated a great year for swim spas. In an era where many are avoiding gymnasiums and health clubs with wave after pandemic waves, homeowners are looking for a solution that lets them swim lengths often and at any time. Fitness for stress reduction and general wellness is a popular trend in the hot tub industry, making your swim spa from Paradise Bay a sterling solution to lowering infection risks from public pools and an opportunity to get fit through swimming. Swim spas stand as the perfect bathing and fitness complement to your home gym, and we're ready to help you choose the right model - one with highly variable counter-current swim settings!


What Electrical Is Needed For A Swim Spa?

Swim spas typically require a 110/120-volt, 20-amp dedicated circuit installed by a licensed electrician. The electrical requirements may be higher if the unit is larger or has additional features such as built-in lighting or audio/video equipment. Always consult the manufacturer's specifications and local building code requirements before doing any electrical work. As licenced Arctic Spa dealers, you can count on our experience to determine what exact electrical work will get your swim spa up and running.

How Much Room Do You Need For A Swim Spa?

Swim spas are typically 12' wide and can range in length from 6' to 21' depending on make and model. Some models have varying widths and sizes, so double-check the model that interests you. Ask us what you need, given the space you have!

Can Swim Spas Be Used In Winter?

They can, but it's important to ensure that the swim spa is properly winterized before using it in cold weather! Since swim spas rely on heating to maintain a comfortable water temperature, you should anticipate the additional cost of running the heater during colder months.

Are Swim Spas Worth It?

It is possible to put a swim spa in the ground, but it is not recommended. The main reason is that a swim spa needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. If it is buried in the ground, it will be difficult to access this outlet, resulting in safety issues depending on your setup. Additionally, a swim spa needs to be level to function properly, and if it is installed on the ground, it might not be easy to ensure it remains level.