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  • Silk Balance Plus (Saltwater) 2.25L
SilkBalance Plus
SilkBalance Plus
Specially formulated for Salt Water Spas
Silky soft sensation – Fresh water feeling
New From SilkBalance –Advance water conditioner for all spas
SilkBalance Plus 76oz/2.25L
  • Formula designed to enhance the feel and function of all  Salt Water Hot tubs and Salt Water Systems and works with all spas.
  • You can now enjoy soft water and skin, balanced pH and alkalinity, and odor-free water when you use SilkBalance Plus, the once-per-week solution.
  • SilkBalance Plus is specifically designed to optimize the hot tub experience and also eliminates the need for excessive chemicals.
  • It is safe and environmentally friendly and reduces the time and effort associated with using other system or chemicals.
  • The 76-ounce bottle of SilkBalance Plus will last 4 months.

It’s all about the water!!

Silk Balance Plus (Saltwater) 2.25L

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